What I am loving this week:

So I meant to post this yesterday, but I was working all day on a final project, and the day got away from me! Sorry about that, but here you go:


It’s the end of one week and the beginning of the next! The weather has mostly turned brisk, but with almost never ending sunshine warming the air late in the day, it still doesn’t seem like November. Life has been simultaneously busy and slowing down. I’m hoping for a relaxing stress free holiday season this year. We will not be traveling at all this November/December for the first time in years, so hopefully that will help! My fall semester is winding to a close. I am working on focusing on the here and now, which is helping me be productive with blog-writing, projects at work, and with working around the house. There are many things I always think about in the final weeks of a year, and this year in particular. I tend to ruminate on the big events on the year, how they impact my family and friends, and how I need to respond in the coming year. I also like to start thinking about what changes I want to make for myself and my family that I can begin now, so that my “New Year’s Resolution” is more effective and longer-lasting. And come year end, I get nostalgic for the past and dreamy about the future.

With all of those thoughts running through my mind, here are some things I am loving this week:


I have tried many apps that are designed to help me keep track of all manner of things I find on the internet. The best, far and away, in my (Android/Microsoft) opinion, is Pocket. How many times do you see an article you want to read, a video you want to watch, or an item you want to buy, but can’t at that moment for any number of reasons? All the time! So I have the app on my phone, my kindle, my laptop, and my desktop, so I can press a button or hit share and it saves it for me. I can add tags. I can set up IFTTT to automatically add things to or from to other apps I use. I can archive, favorite, or delete the items when I do get a chance to process them, which is usually in the evening in bed before I turn off all electronics and read.

Cleopatra – The Lumineers

This song is hauntingly beautiful with lyrics crafted with such longing, mirrored by the vocals and especially by those bright and burning blue eyes of the actress in the music video.


Yes I know that this comic has been around for a long time, but I recently discovered that Bill Amend lives in Kansas City, which is pretty neat. There is no family that brings me more pure joy than the Fox family. Jason Fox would be my patronus. The best part? There is a reference to Hark! A Vagrant, which is my favorite comic of all time, barely beating out xkcd and Foxtrot.

Matcha Banana Smoothies

I love tea in any form, including ground green tea leaves that are super popular right now. I add the matcha powder with frozen bananas and unsweetened coconut milk for a milkshake-like consistency that is beyond yummy. And the best part is that my husband won’t try to steal sips! Also, I like to dance around the kitchen singing, “My matchashake keeps all the boys in the yard” while sipping and watching him play outside with the pups.

This Article about Design and Art

“Design has nothing to do with Art”. Milton Glaser explains the common misconception and how it actually limits the scope of the designer. If you love art, design, or semantics (or all three, like myself), you should definitely give this a read. It is a very short article that highlights the gist of the speech given by the 2010 National Medal of Arts recipient in October.

Katherine Sui Fun Cheung

If you need an inspiring story about a badass woman, look no further than Katherine Sui Fun Cheung. Considered to be the first Chinese woman to get her pilot’s license in the U.S., she broke down many barriers in 1930s America. Check out this website that is solely devoted to telling her story: AVIATRIX The Katherine Sui Fun Cheung Story. For other inspiring stories (because I can’t get enough), I am trying to read everything I can about the barrier-breaking women that were elected last week:

  • Ilhan Omar
  • Kate Brown
  • Catherine Cortez Masto
  • Stephanie Murphy
  • Kamala Harris
  • Pramila Jayapal
  • Tammy Duckworth

Caskata Arbor Cup & Saucer

Anthropologie always has such beautiful housewares, and as a teacup/mug addict, I have to stay out of the store and off of the website or I will spend too much. But I have to say, that I love this cup and saucer. There is something so bright and simultaneously calming about the combination of white and blue. I try to stay in the white, blue, silver, and yellow color families when I buy dishes, as I love a mismatched set. (Someday I will put up photos of my collection, as they are on display, but oft used, which is how a kitchen should be!).


Kate Spade 2017 Large Agenda – Bookshelf

Despite loving my productivity apps on my phone and laptop (like Pocket), nothing beats writing in an agenda. Something about just makes me feel more organized. And you never know when your phone battery will be dead and you can’t remember that address or reservation number or whatever it may be. Trust me; it has happened to me many a time, and I am always thankful that I wrote everything down in my planner! I just picked up the Kate Spade 2017 Large Agenda in the Bookshelf print from my local Barnes & Noble and I love it. I love the bookshelf design and the space inside for everything I need. (Note: I use this for personal and schoolwork planning; I have a separate more detailed planner for work) I have also been trying to write down inspirational quotes and things like that on as many days as I can. It might be the archivist (or hoarder) in me, but I would like to start keeping these for at least a few years, so I can look back and not only see the various things we were doing, but all the little things that make up the big picture of each year.








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