It’s beginning to sound a lot like Christmas…


I know that there are those that insist on waiting until after Thanksgiving to bring out the Christmas music, but I am not one of them! First off, it’s “Holiday” music not just Christmas music. And more importantly, why can’t I get into the spirit of the season the day after Halloween? To appease my husband and coworkers, I only slowly added in a few of what I deem to be Christmas music playings here and there. Really just a sprinkle. Until today. Today I have given up and I am playing all my favorites! You might be asking what constitutes a sprinkle? Well that is mostly the Harry Potter soundtracks and Songs for Christmas by Sufjan Stevens.

I first read and watched the Harry Potter books and movies at the end of my fall semester my senior year of college, most of them in December (I started and finished reading Deathly Hallows on Christmas Eve). That means that these stories and scores will always remind me of Christmas.

And the 5 cd set by Sufjan Stevens speaks to my nostalgia for the north, love for family and God, and the wide range of emotions that this time of year can mean for so many. I can listen to these songs on repeat for hours. In fact, on one drive home from college (Boston to Upstate New York, like really upstate, near Canada) I listened to nothing else.

I will share some of my favorite Christmas playlists in the coming weeks, but I thought I would just start you off with these!



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