Return to Stars Hollow

wash-in-the-fallYeah that’s right! Like so many, I am overwhelmingly excited for the return of everyone’s favorite Mother-Daughter pair, Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. Coffee may not be my poison (black tea, please), but I would gladly talk books, movies, and anything else rapid-fire with these two any day. My husband would hate to admit it, but he loves this show, too. In fact, I remember all of my friends in college, mostly male, watching this in not-so-secret, and then talking about how witty and funny it was. Unfortunately, and for no explainable reason, I never watched this when it originally aired. Has that stopped my obsession? Absolutely not! I love New England; I love crisp falls and snowy winters; I love books; I love small towns; I love clever banter; and I have been told I talk a mile-a-minute. So what I really want to know, is why they never added a third Gilmore girl: Bethany.

And just for fun, to celebrate our (finally) fall weather, here’s a video of Sean and I attempting to walk all three dogs at once:


They are a crazy circus, and we love them! The best part about fall? Walking them until they are exhausted and then all of us cuddling on the couch to watch Gilmore Girls!

What is your favorite moment from the show? What do you hope to see in the revival?



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