Packing – More Fun Than It Should Be


I’ve been told (mostly by my husband) that I have a bit of an A-type personality. If my spreadsheets haven’t convinced you yet, keep reading because spreadsheets are oddly satisfying to my soul. But seriously, if you are anything like me, you like the planning and organizing of a trip, not more than being there, but it is a seriously enjoyable part of the experience. And since I love fashion as much as I love organizing and Disney, I figured a packing list is in order. This is pretty much your standard Disney packing list, similar to those you can find all over the internet and pinterest. I will say that this is focused more on families without children, as we do not have any yet. So if you are looking for a packing list for your children’s things as well, I would suggest wdwprepschool.

I have separated the list into sections, but obviously there will be some crossover (I put wallet under the “Carry On” category, but you will probably want that in your park bag as well…). Think of these more as guidelines:

Walt Disney World Packing List



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